How to Make a Cartoon with AI?

Generate cartoon images effortlessly with our Cartoon Generator: follow these easy steps:


Click the “Use Cartoon Generator Now” button to switch to our AI cartoon generator.


Choose the “Image to Image” mode on the left dashboard and upload the images that you want to turn into cartoons. And you can choose from the various cartoon styles you like.


You can also choose “Text to Image” to make cartoon characters by entering the prompts for the characters you want.


You can decide the number of cartoon photo generations by adjusting the AI-generated cartoon images.


Save and download your cartoon avatars or characters until you’re satisfied.

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AI Cartoon Generator

Turn your photo into a cartoon with our AI Cartoon Maker! It's like magic. Our tool makes your picture into a cartoon. You can choose different cartoon styles - some look real and others are super cute and funny

You can use these cartoon pictures for your social media profiles.Everything is available at no cost!

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Two ai generated cartoon female portraits from cartoon generator